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​The project, which had a real success of participation, has two activities, from 8 to 13 July in Barcelona and from 24 to 28 September in Holloko, Hungary.

The course, organized by together with Egyesek and the IntermediaKT organization with the support of the Erasmus Plus program, is aimed at transferring knowledge about the creation of MOOC. 

The project has two activities, from 8 to 13 July in Barcelona and from 24 to 28 September in Holloko, Hungary.

In this sense, the main objective of this part in barcelona was to learn how to create MOOCs and develop the document, describing the set of key digital competences that young trainers must have to develop MOOCs in the field of youth.

To achieve this goal there was this activity in Barcelona: 

ACTIVITY 1: educational part of the project. We provided the project participants with the set of knowledge and skills necessary for the creation of MOOCs.

Also we offered support the project participants with the MOOC creation process: at least 3 MOOCs within the project implementation. We were going in deep into the topics of e-learning and discussing the right of everyone to had an access to knowledge. 

The next part that we will organize in Hungary will have these themes: 

ACTIVITY 2: Reflective part of the project

From 24 to 28 September in Holloko, Hungary, we will reflect on the process and the results of the work on the creation of MOOC.

Develop the document on key digital competences for young trainers, necessary for the development of MOOC.

Promote the educational potential of the MOOC field for young people in open webinars, project blogs and video interviews. The program of activities of the project consists of three thematic aspects:

1. Pedagogical aspect:- MOOC and other open educational resources
- Development of the MOOC curriculum, scripts for lessons or segments
- Principles of facilitation of MOOCs
- MOOC Evaluation
- Peer learning within MOOCs
- How to create MOOC content: text, visual materials,
- Main rules to create good educational videos.
- Trainer of young people in front of the camera: development acting on camera / ways of attracting the spectator.

2. Aspect of the media:- How to promote MOOCs in social networks.
- Composition of the image
- Graphic design and visual identity.
- Blog within MOOC: why and how?

3. Technical aspect:- Platforms for the creation of MOOC
- Moodle and its options
- How to calculate the MOOC budget: a low budget does not mean low quality
- Sound recording and mixing (basic knowledge and skills).



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Laura Morral
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