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The idea of the project is to go ahead with the risk of social exclusion of people and reduce the vulnerability factors through this proposal that aims to combat food waste.

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Originally appeared on Foundation on 06/03/2019

It is a service proposal focused on the construction of food bridges between different excessive focuses of elaborate food (school meals, old people's homes, day centers, hospitals ...) or other surpluses that may occur in the rest of the food chain (defects in packaging, quality policies, preferential consumption ...) and food recipients.

The project aims to change the way of combating food waste with the aim, also, of dignifying people and their right to food. Because the stigmatization that exists around poverty is well known, the project aims to create a food surplus for all users who want to access this service either in need or through social awareness.
The idea is that all those people who need to make use of the service can choose their own foods (unlike the system of distribution by batch of products) to advance to the risk of social exclusion of the people and reduce the factors of vulnerability .

More than twenty projects chose the prize

Specifically, this time we have offered advice to all these projects:
La Iera, Social Ares, Aragonese Association of Cystic Fibrosis, Domitila Association, La Merienda, Asperger Alicante, El Ecoelectricista, Kakolum ONGD, Community Food Center, Base A-Architecture and cooperation, Telecooperatiu, SOS Solar Solidarity, La Magalla, Lliura Zero Residus, Galgos Protective Association, Espai Ambiental, Rezero, Pont Alimentari (Banc de recursos) and Horseheart.
From we would like to congratulate the winning project and we will offer our support to improve the web and its presence on the Internet.


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Laura Morral
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