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32 participants from 7 countries attended the event and considered that the issue of digital transformation must be one of the crucial premises for the development of NGO.
On February 15, hosted the International Conference for the digital transformation of youth organizations, the promotion of peace and human rights. ('Digital Transformation of youth organizations promoting pace and human rights').

32 participants from Spain, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary and Latvia participated in the Conference and had the opportunity to reflect on the topic of digital transformation.
The conference was the final public event within the TURN ONline strategic partnership project, funded by the Erasmus Plus program and which has been developed throughout 2018.
Within the conference presented the results of the project developed in four themes: digital management, online communication, online learning and online activism. The participants also had the opportunity to attend the following workshops:
  • Digital tools for NGO management: Trello, Asana and Freedcamp.
  • How to communicate peace and human rights
  • Online activism: best practices and future perspectives.
  • E-learning in the field of youth: how to create an online course within youth NGOs.
Online activism is a field, within the digital environment, quite new in this field and during the conference the best practices that inspired the participants to organize their own actions of online activism were presented.
Throughout the conference, participants also had the opportunity to discuss approaches and actions aimed at promoting communication for peace and human rights, such as narration and the types of communication campaigns that can be promoted in this regard. These approaches allowed the participants to be more efficient in their communication work.
The attendees stressed that the conference has given them the opportunity to have at their disposal more tools and resources to deepen more in the digital field and, in this way, develop more precise actions within the field of communication.
In this link you can see some images of the conference.


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Laura Morral
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